Biography of Apostle John E. Sagoe.


John E. Sagoe

Apostle & Founder

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John E. Sagoe

Sandra Sagoe

Pastor & First Lady

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Biography of Pastor Sandra Sagoe.


Our Mission Statement is “Jesus is Lord, prayer is the key and God’s time is the best to reach the unreached!” This statement is explained underneath in short words, split into the four individual statements. All of them are equally important and valued in our church.

So you could say, this describes us best.

Jesus is Lord

He restores back to original!

Restoring Fatherhood

Spiritual Parenting

Inner Healing

Teaching of Protocol



Strong leadership

Prayer is the Key

We work with the power of God!

Signs & Wonders
Come with a transparent heart, as you are
We love and dont judge
But be ready to bring all to light

Communication with God

Create atmosphere of Heaven

Gods time is best

There is a process to freedom!

Restoration is a process of different needed ingredients such as:

Participation in church family affairs
Word of God for cleansing
Investing of time
Individual process
Discipleship and following instructions
and more...

Reaching the unreached

Build up, reach out!

Ultimately we are building up world changers and revivalists
Strong Mission to the poor
Social projects
Train and release strong leaders
Plant churches
Evangelism and Media
Everyone shall be launched into their purpose & assignment

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