prophetic update

The prophetic ministry has a  lot to do with prayer and communion with God. God speaks a lot when we listen and give room for Him.

In our ministry we work with the written and revealed word of God for a particular season. God is always moving and so should we.
Here you can download our monthly prophetic word from the Lord called “Prophetic Focus”. Our founder and Apostle receives these from God to give us direction to pray each Year and even each month. Feel free to download and participate in pulling God’s will down by prayer.

Prophetic Word for 2024
Prophetic Word for 2025
Prophetic focus for each month in 2024:
Prophetic focus for each month in 2025:
Overall word for the Year 2024
Overall word for the Year 2025
January 2024
January 2025
February 2024
February 2025
March 2024
March 2025
April 2024
April 2025
May 2024
May 2025
June 2024
June 2025
July 2024
July 2025
August 2024
August 2025
September 2024
September 2025
October 2024
October 2025
November 2024
November 2025
December 2024
December 2025